Sunday, September 11, 2005 close :(

Matching up the #2 and #4 teams in the nation under the lights with 105,565 screaming fans this early in the college season is rare, but we here at Columbus had a chance to show that our team deserved to be up in the talk for the national championship as we went up against the University of Texas. Unfortunately, we just came up short as a couple of plays here and there didn't go our way, and a costly turnover at the end of the game basically took time away for our team to come back. Our defense played their hearts out and forced Texas into numerous turnovers, and although our offense were able to put up points from these turnovers, the points weren't touchdowns, and with the game so close to the end, one touchdown was all Texas needed to squeeze it out at the end. The only positive I think that came out of this was it now gives all the players a bit more motivation for the rest of the season to go out and make every play count, since you never know when it could help you out at the end. One of our players juggled a potential touchdown catch that probably would have kept us ahead of the game, but he couldn't hold onto the ball as one of the Texas players came and knocked him over just as he had the ball in his hands. Guess we'll see how the rest of the college season goes, but we're pretty deflated here at the moment in Columbus :(

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