Monday, September 19, 2005

Dang September is flying by...

You know September is flying by when you go to the supermarket and already see the Halloween merchandise being laid out, pumpkins are being sold, and Halloween candy is advertised everywhere. When I think back about it, the last time I remember dressing up for Halloween was probably in elementary school when the entire school had every class from kindergarten to 5th grade dress up, and the teacher played along as well. I just remember I was wearing a latex pumpkin face with orange flashing eyes, and the mask had an attached hood to it, which made it difficult for my 5th grade teacher to pick me out when he went around to guess who was who, but it also was the world's hottest mask to wear :( Anyways, David and I were shopping at Walmart this past Saturday, and I saw that they had a little section with these huge hairs in the costume aisle, and there was an afro on display! So immediately, I began thinking how funny it would look if I could dress up like Ken with the afro, black shirt, and jeans :P So what do you think? Can I pull it off? :P

Our football team bounced back from their tough loss to Texas with a win again San Diego State. However, I think they'll have to get better offensively as the Big Ten schedule starts next week. The team put up only 27 points against a San Diego team that let two lesser teams put up 30+ points the previous 2 games. And the QB controversy supposively was settled as Troy Smith was named the starter for the rest of the season, but he looked shaky at best passing from the pocket and missed a couple of easy throws to wide open receivers during the game. Hopefully, these bugs'll be worked out against Iowa next week.

David, my friend Ryan, and I went out for a bit of Frisbee golf on Sunday, and I'm glad to say I'm steadily getting better at it as I'm beginning to shoot under par over the entire course. Today I finished up at -3, but I borked up on either hole 13 or 14 with a triple bogey, so my score probably could have been a bit better. My approach to the game I believe is sort of how Tiger Woods approaches his game. We both hit (or throw in this case) the hell out of the ball off the tee and play it from wherever it lands. Although this strategy might seem haphazard, it's been working most of the time since I usually get my frisbee in position out of the reach of most tree hazards and get an easy second shot to play. However, my middle finger joint has taken a beating off one of the edge of the frisbee since I chuck it pretty hard, but it'll heal up :P

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