Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We used how much gas????

For the past week, David and I have been trying to resort out a $94 gas bill that we received. Our apartment utilizes gas for water heating and for room heating in the winter, and given the fact that it had been rather hot in August and that both of us weren't even in the apart for the last week of August, we were sort of suspicious how we managed to use so much gas in August. Anyways, the gas company'll be sending someone in tomorrow to check out if there's any leaks, so hopefully this'll be resolved by tomorrow.

Update: Despite our best efforts, the gas company still believes that 2 college students can somehow use 120 cubic feet of gas per day over the summer from showering and washing dishes. They took $10 off the bill, but that's not much of a compromise as far as I see. Oh well, we'll be monitoring the gas a lot more closely now. Still, it's been a frustrating week trying to get this resolved and not go your way...

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