Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quick review of Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth is one of those movies which I probably wouldn't see for myself just from watching the trailers and such, but after reading Tochi's glowing recommendation on Pan's Labyrinth, I went to the movies with David yesterday to see what this movie is all about. The story revolves around a girl Ofelia who travels with her mother to a military camp run by her mother's new husband, who happens to be the Captain and leader of the camp. World War 2 is still going on and tensions are high at the camp, but Ofelia deals with the tension by putting herself in her own fantasy world. Note that the movie is in Spanish, so you'll have to be quick with the subtitle reading sometimes so you won't miss what happens on the screen (unless of course you have some sort of background in Spanish :P). I agree with Tochi that there're a mix of emotions that go on through the movie, but I don't necessarily agree with him in feeling sorry for the Captain at the end of the story as I think the Captain got what he deserved given the events leading up to the end. But overall, it's a very well done movie! Everything about the movie feels very organic and real, and the spinkles of CG here and there make Ofelia's fantasy world come to life without feeling overly fake. And I really want a piece of magic chalk :) Although, I never figured out who Pan was....

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