Sunday, January 7, 2007

Who am I rooting for in the 2007 College Football National Championship?

Although I think this'll be a big test for the Buckeyes given that Florida has played through a very tough schedule and come through with one loss, so the Gators will be battle tested. But I believe if the Buckeyes can play to their potential with Troy Smith leading the offense and the young defense continuing to play big this year, it'll be a happy day for Buckeye fans on January 8th.

I heard from the news that the band'll be doing a double script Ohio on the field. I'm not sure how this is possible given the fact that I think the use the entire band for one script Ohio, but I'm hoping they'll show this on TV for it'll be a sight to see if you've never seen it before.

In other news, the Cal-tech basketball team ended their 207 (no that's not a typo) game losing streak...

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