Friday, January 19, 2007

Rawk on: Part Deux!

Last weekend (or was it this past Monday?) I used up my Best Buy certificates to pick up Guitar Hero 2 to continue on my eternal quest for Guitar Heroness. Gameplay-wise, it takes what's already a solid game in GH1 and improves upon it by making those pesky Hammer-on/Pull-offs much easier to perform. And believe me, after listening and playing through most of the songs in Medium mode so I can unlock all of them for Quickplay, I think HO/PO mastery will be key to getting through many of these songs. However, I was sort of disappointed in the song selection as there aren't that many memorable songs or good tunes as there were in the first one. But, I foresee many hours dedicated in practice mode (another new feature) to master that theme song from Pulp Fiction as I need to get rid of the constant downstrumming syndrome and utilize the upstrum more often if I'm ever going to make through that song on expert. I did manage to make it through Freebird on Hard on my first try with a 4 star rating. Oh, another sort of cool thing they do at the end of each show is give a print-out of how you did in each section of the song so you can see where you need improvement. So Catnipped, Ender, Tochi, and Velius: the gauntlet has been thrown down, and be prepared for a GH dual in the next Houston meeting!!! (or where-ever it may be :P)

In other news, Blueorca managed to finish posting her pics of our trip to Las Vegas and Death Valley, so take a peek here to see the cool things we saw :)

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