Monday, January 15, 2007

What did the terrorist say to Jack Bauer?

"Bite Me!"

And if you watched the first episode of this season's 24, you'll see Jack Bauer aka Count Jackula do his best vampire impression as he gets his first kill of the new season. I actually just started watching 24 from season 5 and enjoyed it quite a lot, but if the first 4 episodes of the new season are any indication of what this season's going to be, 24 will be even better this year :) For those who missed it, hopefully the Fox website'll have previous episodes up so you can catch up.

Being the tennis fan that I am, I'm also paying attention to the 2007 Australian Open which started up yesterday. No real upsets so far (well, 4th seed Ivan Ljubicic went down to American Marty Fish, but Ljubicic's play always seems to disappear during the grand slams), but it's still early...

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