Thursday, June 16, 2005

All in for teh win!

After some mediocre showings the past several weeks in poker, I finally break through once again to the winner's circle :) Actually, I didn't even know that there was going to be a poker night this Thursday, but I figured hey, might as well go in and have some fun. I played pretty conservatively in the beginning (actually, most of my hands sucked pretty hard), and there was one guy named Brian who began chopping people out of the game with his various "lucky" hands.

Eventually, the group of 9 phased down to 4, with me being the low stack with around $600 or so, and Brian was way ahead of the group with a huge chip lead. In the 1st or 2nd played with the group of 4, I get a pocket pair of 5s. Usually, a low pocket pair wouldn't do too much in a huge group, but with a low number of people, it can be a decent hand to play. The blinds were already up pretty high at $50/$100, so I pushed all my chips in hoping that no one else had a pocket pair or decent hand. Two drop out, and it was left to Brian to decide. After deciding for a while, he finally decides to call my hand. I turn over my pocket 5s, and I was sort of shocked to see that he called with a 3/6 offsuit, which probably worked in my favor since his chances of making a straight are greatly diminished since I had half the 5's in my hand :P The flop, turn, and river cards come out, and my pair of 5's hold up! Hurray for doubling up! A couple of hands later, Brian puts in a significant raise in one of the hands, and I look down to my cards and see pocket aces :) Well, all in I go again, and Brian once again calls. This time his hand is better (Ace/King off-suit), but I'm still ahead, and I ride the aces to teh win once again ^_^ From there I played pretty conservatively and won the few hands I played in, and eventually held off Brian at the end by winning on a flush on the river card :)

I've also discovered how my Razr is able to take some pseudo-decent pictures, so here're some for your enjoyment :P

Dog with a diaper
KFC decides to raise their prices since people think their chicken is irresistible

Now this has sort of an interesting story to it. It was one of those really hot days early last week, and my friends and I were at Penn Station getting some lunch when David points out this interesting person standing outside. Apparently this person was the president of some sort of "happy" society and was handing out smiles.

I just think these mini tents are cute ^_^

This isn't from my camera, but my friend David took this amusing picture :P

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