Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Phear teh cuteness!

I think Kabitzin should submit some pics of Sydney here and see how Sydney stacks up with the rest of the pack as kittens battle for the title of cutest kitten!

In other news, I picked up some new golf clubs at Target that were on sale. So far, my new clubs and I have hit it off pretty well during my two trips to the nearby driving range. I had been using one of my friend's set, but the set I have now for some reason react much better to my swing as I've been able to get the ball up in the air on 4 of 5 shots using the irons. The set even came with covers on the woods, and the golf bag has these nifty stand-up feet that come out when you set the bag down at an angle. So look out Tiger Woods, Kungfucius will be on your trail in a few years! :P

Last note: Go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Addie and I caught a showing last night and we both agree it's a great popcorn flick with good humor and action!

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