Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Cove on July 7th!

My friend David and I finally signed the papers yesterday to move out of on-campus housing and into the Quarry Apartments. A couple of friends of ours hosted poker for us in their apartment at the Quarry, and I initially thought they were paying quite a lot to live there. But when I found out that they were paying LESS per month than I was with on-campus housing, I began pondering the possibilities. We took a tour of the place yesterday, first looking at the Sapphire configuration and then the Topaz configuration. We liked both of them, but the Sapphire configuration felt a bit bigger and only cost about $40 more, and we found out later that it came with a free garage if we decided to get the Sapphire on the first floor, so the deal was pretty much sealed right there once we heard that :P Also, the list of perks is absolutely huge too. I set up the gas and electric stuff today, but I'm still debating between getting either SBC DSL or Road Runner. I think SBC will be cheaper since they're offering it for $14.95/month if you sign a year contract, but we probably need to get local phone service with them too. Anyone have experience with both?

In poker news, when you get a fortune in your fortune cookie at lunch that looks like this, you know that the poker cards will be falling your way :P Well, the fortune proved to be true again as I managed to claw my way into the winner's circle last night in poker. Guess I should finally go get Guild Wars now since I've won enough to cover the costs :P

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