Saturday, June 25, 2005

Progress Report

So far so good with my biking plan. For the first week I managed to rack up 73.8 miles of trekking, which is way more than I expected, but hey, I like getting off to good starts :) I think I'll keep it at 50 for now since the weather had been pretty sunny for the past week, and I was able to get out whenever I wanted to get the miles in. In case you're wondering, I bought an odometer for my bike to measure the miles and have a sense of how fast I'm going. So far I've been averaging around 14 or so miles per hour on the trails. As for my weight, I weighted myself at a gym and currently I'm at 183 or so, down from my initial weight of 187, and I can sort of see a difference as the fat around my stomach is slowly disappearing as well. Unfortunately, I treated myself to 5 Arby's Melts in one sitting at lunch :( But then again, I didn't eat dinner today, so hopefully it'll all balance out :P

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