Saturday, June 18, 2005

Batman Begins....and rocks the house!

I went to see Batman Begins on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and I must say it's definately the best Batman movie to date. While the last two Batman films have been sort of cartoony and have laughable villians, Batman Begins brings the audience to a more gritty and darker time, and the way the movie unveils the steady transformation of Bruce Wayne into the Dark Knight is simply brilliant. There was very little use of CG in this movie, which brings out sort of a mysteriousness in watching Batman take down the villians. I only have 2 complains about the movie. The first complaint I have is that the fight sequences were filmed a bit too closely, as in the camera was so close to the action it's difficult to follow what's going on. The second complaint was Kate Holmes' character. She really don't bring that much overall to the movie except maybe to be Bruce Wayne's companion. But besides that, the movie is well acted and made, and Christian Bale pulls off the caped crusader very well. I saw it in a PACKED house on Friday night, and the entire crowd was into the movie the entire time. And if you need one more reason to see it, I have two words: the tumbler. :)

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